5 Best Natural Gemstone Jewelry to consider For Wedding

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Gemstone Jewelry for Wedding and special occasions 
The wedding is always a special day for any couple, and when the thing comes to choose the 
best wedding jewelry, then the choice of wedding jewelry for women is always complex than men. Jewelry always enhances the beauty of women, and mostly women are too much choosy when the thing comes to buy jewelry because women always like plenty of glitters and always take sufficient times to choose the best jewelry for them. Nowadays you can find various kind of attractive jewelry especially for wedding or any special occasions. But it’s quite important to choose the perfect design and right kind of jewelry so that it suits to you and enhance your look.
Gold and diamond jewelry are very popular nowadays, but gemstone jewelry mostly rules the heart and mind of people those who are in relationship, love, and affection. These types of jewelry are always best for any kind of special occasion and wedding purpose. If you like bright colors, exotic shades and reflection of wonderful light then gemstone jewelry are always a better option for you. 
1. Ruby
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Ruby gemstone jewelry is now considered as one of the most popular and most of the women like to wear Ruby gemstone jewelry as this stone has a unique color and very attractive. Ruby gemstone is well available in different colors like orange-red, deep purple-red, but red ruby gemstone jewelry is very popular nowadays. This is known as one of the precious gemstones nowadays, and you can find Ruby gemstone jewelry set in different jewelry shop which is quite attractive and specially made for the wedding and special occasion purposes.
2.  Sapphire
Natural blue sapphire stone

Natural blue sapphire stone

Now another most popular gemstone is sapphire, and this gemstone is the symbol of clear thinking. This is also a precious gemstone which always known as the birthstone for the month of September and most of the women likes this special kind of stone which is well-available of different colors like pink, yellow and white. You can also get sapphire gemstone jewelry in the form of Necklace, pendant and ring for special occasions and wedding purpose.
3. Emerald
Natural Panna Stone

Natural Panna Stone

Emerald is another most popular and rare gemstone which is costly and mostly comes with different kinds of jewelry. This special Emerald stone comes with different color like sea green, grass green, slightly green and tinged with yellow. If you love the green color, then you can buy emerald gemstone jewelry for your wedding or any special occasion.
4. Topaz
yellow topaz

Yellow topaz

Topaz is another rare and precious gemstone which is known as the birthstone for November, and blue topaz is the birthstone for people those who were born in December. This gemstone is well-available of a wide range of colors like orange, yellow, green, Red and pink. The yellow topaz gemstone is costlier than the others, and nowadays, you can find this gemstone in the form of different jewelry. 
5. Amethyst
amethyst stone

amethyst stone

Now it’s all about the rare and violet gemstone Amethyst. This is a special gemstone which is well associated with quartz family. It always protects intoxication, and this gemstone is available in wide range of shape and size. The pure form of this stone is white, and its value always depends on the karat weight, color, and shape. If you are a violet lover, then you can buy Amethyst gemstone jewelry for your wedding or any special occasions. These are five most popular and rare gemstone jewelry for wedding nowadays.
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